Friday, June 01, 2007

Worthy Cause

My brother Rick rides bicycles, and builds bicycles, and for the last four years has been helping to organize the "Tour de Farms" ride to raise funds for MS research. I'm really proud of him for his active participation (and two days of riding in the Midwestern summer heat/rainstorms is pretty active-not to mention the organizing work) So if anyone is moved to make a donation, here's the link to his page.

And here's the deal: if you make a contribution (doesn't matter how much, and I don't need to know the amount), email me through the link at the top of my sidebar and let me know, and I'll email you back a pdf of whichever of my patterns you would like. Just let me know which pattern and where to send it. Offer good until June 20.

Rick will want to kill me if he sees that I've posted this picture, but just so you know what kind of a sweet guy you'll be supporting.....

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magnusmog said...

Good luck to your brother - more power to his bunny ears :)