Saturday, June 16, 2007

Uff Da, it's been hot

Yesterday was the first really, really hot with some humidity day of the summer. By late afternoon it must have been over 80 upstairs, where I usually work. (We have AC, but it's not real effective upstairs at least until after the sun goes down.) I blame heat addled brains for the fact that it took me three tries to get the pattern matched on the first side seam of the diamond brocade tunic. Today, with the temp still reasonable, the second seam went together like butter.

The heat did do wonders for the effectiveness of the solar powered clothes dryer.

I have always been of the opinion that there is no point in doing laundry until you are absolutely out of underwear. Mr S has a different take on the question, which is why he took over the laundry chore many years ago. But Mr S is in England, and I ran out of underwear. For the benefit of all concerned, however, the underwear has been omitted from the photo.
Cynical Gal Who Knits left a nice comment on Knit-Slip-Knit (the slip stitch tutorial). Merci Beaucoup! I'm almost embarrassed that I haven't put anything new there is so long, especially since there is still a lot I want to cover. (more texture, color, double knitting). I haven't abandoned the project, just put it on hold, probably til August.


magnusmog said...

Good to see the solar technology in action, much better than a tumble dryer :)

kmkat said...

What a lovely, i.e., invisible, seam you made. I sewed a Dulaan sweater together today and realized that I know zip about proper seaming techniques. (No wonder I am so fond of knitting seamless sweaters.)

Elizabeth said...

We have a clothesline, too. There are a few items I still run through the dryer, mostly because I don't like crunchy towels and I don't want my neighbors to get a peek at my undies. I was remembering the day when laundry was a once every 2 weeks chore. Now, I think I do about 10-12 loads of laundry a week.

I'm ready for a break in the heat. Maybe I'll spend the day at Devil's Lake tomorrow.

YarnThrower said...

Your seam looks perfect! We're just getting back into the routine after a vacation out of town, and I'm enjoying catching up on what "everybody" has been up to, since I've been a real knitting slacker! I'm allergic to a lot of the stuff floating around in the air, so I tend to use the dryer a lot, though the thought of sheets fresh from the clothesline has always appealed to me.

Cindy G said...

I've got to admit, I don't use the "solar dryer" every time, only when the weather is right and I have the time.

The seam in th picture is the one that "went like butter", but the other one looks fine (it just took more tries).

Strikkelise said...

I want a clothesline! We can't here, but we have a collapsible contraption to dry clothes on out on the balcony. I love drying clothes outside. And I totally agree with you on the washing, I learned years ago that the trick about washing is owning a very large number of undies :)