Friday, May 20, 2011

Like Salted In the Shell Peanuts

You know, as in you just can't stop with them, already.

The Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf a/k/a Karen's Scarf, is one of those projects I've been meaning to get around to for, oh, forever. Recently, a couple of the gals in my Thursday evening knitting group took it up, and I decided to go for it.

This has been hard to put down. It's easy to memorize the directions. It doesn't take so much concentration that it gets in the way of conversation; but takes just enough to avoid boredom. And the question of "how will the colors line up next?" is compelling. Fun project!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Back up and running

The car is working. On Monday morning, I stopped by the local repair shop and asked if someone could come by and take a look at it. The guys said just leave the key on the seat and they would get over when they had a chance.

About mid-afternoon, I was upstairs at the computer when I thought I heard the car door close. I went down to see what was what, but got there just in time to see the back end of the car heading down the street towards the center of town. So I went back upstairs. About 15-20 minutes later, I heard another sound in the driveway. Rushed downstairs in time to see the guy get in his truck and head back towards the shop. The car was in the driveway, with the key on the seat.

I kind of think that's where things would have stood. The guys can be kind of laconic. I asked them to see if they could get it started. They got it started. Not a lot of need to waste further words. But I was curious as to what the problem had been, so I called the shop.

Loose battery cable. It's nice when what feels at first like a major problem turns out to be not so major after all.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Well, At Least It Died in the Driveway

The car, that is.

I got home from work about 12:15 yesterday. At about 1:15 I picked up my knitting bag, intending to head for Last Saturday Knitting; got in the car, turned the key, and Nada, Nothing, Not a Sound. Not grinding or whirring or evidence of any effort to start - just silence.

When Mr. S. got home from a meeting about an hour later, he tried, too. Same result. He's pretty sure it's a problem with the starter. The car is parked just in front of the garage door, and we can't get it into neutral to push it back. Mr. S's. motorcycle is in the garage, and looks as though it will be blocked in for awhile. Aaargh!

Fortunately: 1) the car didn't die on either of the trips I took out of town this past week, 2) Mr. S's car isn't trapped in the garage, 3) Mom was willing to lend me her car which we picked up today. So things could be worse.

Tomorrow I'll have to call our (limited service) local garage and see if one of the guys can come take a look. If, as is very possible, repairs would be beyond their scope, we'll have to figure out what next. But at least for now we both have wheels.