Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's been a kind of harrowing evening. My daughter was on a flight to London to meet her Dad at the same time that the explosive cars were found in that city. Then I got home from Last Saturday Knitting (which was lovely) and heard about the car in Glasgow and the high security alert throughout the United Kingdom. They are both fine, of course, so far. And it can't be any more, or nearly as, harrowing for me as for all the people who are living with the threat up close every day. But it feels up close, because the two people who are the heart of my heart are there.


Elizabeth said...

Oh Cindy, that is hard for you. You are all in my thoughts.

kmkat said...

It's a good-sized country with 50 million people. Your two will be fine. Especially with all the good vibes your blog readers are sending them :-)