Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gauge swatching and weaving in ends can both be boring as hell, but when you have been straining your tiny brain (OK my tiny brain) over fitting a 12 + 5 stitch repeat into three different chest measurements that bear some resemblance to the standard size chart without resorting to partial repeats ......... Well swatching and weaving are a soothing relief. Which is just as well, because I have some of each to do.

Actually, I sort of like the calculating, messing around with fitting in patterns. Or if "like" is too strong, I find it rewarding when things finally work out close to what my rough sketch looked like. It is good brain exercise.
In other news of the day,

This is Penny the dog next door. More precisely, my Brother-in-Law's family's dog. Penny, too, has been on her own this week while her family is off to Disneyworld. So twice a day I go over to the back yard and give a whistle for her. If she doesn't tear through the dog door right away, I go push the back door open and then stand well away from the house.

The reason for the outdoor meeting is that Penny is a Very Excitable Rat Terrier, and she is convinced that she has been Left Alone Forever, so when I do arrive she is completely: OhMyGawd,I'msogladtoSeeyou,happy,happy,happy,soHappyIcan'thelpmyself. And then she pees. So ......., we meet outside.
Then she runs around and around my feet, and bounces up and down for awhile.

You can't see her circling my ankles at warp speed because if I bent over far enough to get the picture, it would be paws and scrabbly toenails all over the camera. She just can't help herself.

Than we head back to the house for some kibbles and a little chopped up hot dog. Sometimes we go for a walk around the block after dinner. She's always glad to see me, but she's going to be in downright doggie heaven when the family gets home.
Oh my, out the window just now a little flicker of light. The first firefly of the season.


Elizabeth said...

When we go away, our cats get JPS: jilted pet syndrome. It takes about a day for them to get over it.

magnusmog said...

It's great to do some pet sitting. We look after a friends dog once a week and it's just like having our own but without having to walk/feed/pay the vet/remove from the jaws of the cat...