Monday, June 25, 2007

A Loopy Knit Bind Off

Kmkat's and Leslie's comments on the crochet bind off got me to thinking that sturcturally the crochet bind off is a lot like an expanded version of a picot bind off. So I got to messing around, and this is what I came up with.

I started off by knitting two together. One stitch is now on the right hand needle.

Then I put the point of my left needle into that stitch on the right, wrapped the yarn and

pulled the loop through (still one st on right needle)

I repeated those second and third steps (insert left needle, wrap yarn & pull through) several more times to build up a little chain.

Then I knit together the next two stitches on the left needle.

Which resulted in two sts on the right hand needle. I put the left needle into the stitch at the end of the chain, lifted this over the stitch just formed by the k2tog and dropped it off the needle.

Resulting in 1 st on the right needle. Build up another chain on this stitch, k2tog, pass the chain end st over the k2tog st and repeat across.

Finished product. The chains could be shorter or longer (all but the first and last here are 9 sts). Also, I exerimented a little more on the left side by binding off one stitch in normal fashion between loops - seems to give a slightly smoother undulation. Lots of potential variations to play around with here....

And oh boy do I want a camera that will focus at close range.


Leslie said...

We could do the same thing with the crochet bind off, just by chain stitching after we have one stitch remaining on the hook and when it's long enough, hook into the next stitch to be bound off on the body, right?

Or then do a double or half double (?? some sort of chrochet decorative shell like thing) and work to the next stitch to be bound off. I think I'm actually seeing how to do this now :)

When I get home tonight I'll post photos of the plain crochet bind off I did on the socks I finished last night.

Cindy G said...

Mmm, a loop, then a shell, then a loop... sounds like definite decorative possibilities. This is where I need to learn more than just chain and single crochet. I may yet have to become a regular "hooker".