Tuesday, June 05, 2007

squiddle mitt

In other words, I've been messing around with graphs for a little mitten with a squirrel. This is the front.

The squirrel motif came from Nomis Scandinavian Sweaters by Kajsa Lindqvist and Natalie Hebert (Nomis Vol 1), 1946. I added the bits that are supposed to look like leafy branches.

Knit at a gauge of 6 sts per inch, this should fit a 3 to 5 year old. I've posted the complete chart here. At this point, it's only the chart, but if you have ever knit this style mitten that will be sufficient. White square = Main Color, Black square = Contrast Color. Any squares that are pale green or grey = no stitch. M = make one increase. / and \ = decreases. The horizontal red line indicated the thumb opening. Work a cuff in 2 x 2 rib (or cuff of your choice) before you start the color chart. Other than that, so far, you're on your own.

I will get around to writing full directions at some point. It may be a while before I actually knit these. If anyone else wants to do it and send me a pic I would be delighted.


Elizabeth said...

That will make cute mittens. I bet you could scale up easily by working at 5.5 st/inch.

hege said...

It's very cute! I love the animal motifs.