Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New on the needles

I've started in on a new design project, a simple cotton shell with some lace (what else) at the lower edge. I'm working with Paton's "Grace", a sport weight mercerized cotton. I like it. It has a good firm twist, so it doesn't split easily, and has good stitch definition. This style of cotton isn't as soft as some of the more loosely spun varieties, but it seems to be working up with a nice drape.

The color result on this photo is too weird. On my monitor it looks kind of periwinkle, but the color name is Taupe, and it's actually almost more like Cocoa. A rather handsome, not too dark, brown. Neither my camera nor my software has any kind of color adjustment, so you will just have to imagine it.


I always like it when I hear from pattern customers. If there's a question I want to answer it. If there's a problem I want to know, so I can clarify or correct it. So questions and concerns are always welcome. But, oh, it does a designer's heart good to receive a comment like this one about the lace fichu knitting pattern:

"... I bought the Lace Fichu pattern from you back in September last year. I just wanted to say that it is the best pattern for shoulder shawls I have came across. I have knitted it up in different yarns, and my favourite needle size is 5.5mm, it gives me the size of shawl that drapes around my shoulders that I like."

Thanks for writing to share that, Margaret!


Speaking of the fichu, my friend Ellen says was pleased with the results when she was inspired to wear hers collar style: with the ends crossed in front and tucked underneath and then tied behind the neck. Neat idea, Ellen!


YarnThrower said...

Your shell pattern looks really nice. I really like the color my monitor shows it as (periwinkle here, too), though I imagine it is very nice in the color it really is, too. I really, really like the lower edge of it! And, congrats on the nice feedback on your pattern!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a lovely pale purple-blue to me! It's always interesting to see what colors one ends up with in digital photography!

Cindy G said...

I do rather like the color in the picture, I'm just flummoxed as to how it got that way *G*

Sandra said...

yup - looks like periwinkle to me as well. Strange - but I've had the same problems sometimes.
I hope you write up the cotton shell pattern soon - I'm always on the lookout for a great shell pattern!

magnusmog said...

Strange, the blue is lovely on my screen too. I just can't imagine it as cocoa :)