Friday, January 16, 2009

Unrelated Items

Friend Gayle sent the link to a knitting related story in The USA Today. Always like to see knitting covered in the MSM, and I must say I would have a more kindly regard for airports if they all stocked little knitting kits in their gift stores.


A.Pazoo! Why did you not tell me that Scott and Zelda are buried in a certain city in MD which will remain nameless here, but you know where I mean?

(If that seems cryptic to anyone else, well just keep in mind that any occasional non-knitting readers of this this blog have absolutely no clue what I am talking about when I start nattering on about "short row" vs "band".)

You know it is cold when you (or more probably, I) have to scrape frost off of the inside of the windshield before heading out to work.

I hadn't worn these in several years, because they require hand washing, and I got tired of that routine. They came out of the closet this week, because nothing is warmer than slightly felted 100% wool. (Well maybe alpaca, but I don't have any alpaca socks.) So I guess some things are worth hanging on to.


magnusmog said...

Super cosy socks. I remember on chilly flat in Glasgow that I lived in where the ice was inside the windows of the living room!

Anonymous said...

Very nice socks- they do look cozy and warm.

Linda L. said...

Mmm. Pretty socks.

And re: frosty windows - if you park facing south, at least your windshield stays frost-free. Side windows are easier to scrape, and the back window has those melty-strips...

Gayle said...

Ahem -- Cindy, here is a pic of the aforementioned grave:

Next time we'll visit!

It is directly across the street from Mom's assisted living place. Somewhere I have a photo of myself draped unattractively across the lower quote. It seemed poetic at the time. Good thing I can't find it.

Annie Pazoo said...

Um. Oh. I forgot? I've never --gasp --- actually stopped to visit them, although I've walked by. (Geez). I'm reminded each year when the Fitzgerald writing conference is held. Now, what and who else am I forgetting to highlight.....gonna have to work on this. Help! BTW, thanks for the info & pic, Gayle.

Um, starting next week I CAN point out to you where the Obamas live! You might not have known about that one, yet? Cin?

Leslie said...

My very first socks are slightly felted too - I didn't know to NEVER machine wash even in a bag. Now it doesn't matter because the damage is done. But they are warm.

Hope you stay comfy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the USA Today story. Knitting rules!

TracyKM said...

Those socks look cozy!
To avoid having to scrape the inside of your car, when you stop, open the windows and let it cool down inside a bit. It's freezing up the moisture inside your car after you've been all cozy that's the problem....if you cool it down inside first, it shouldn't frost up inside :) As a SAHM I take many short trips so we rarely get the inside warm enough to have this problem, LOL.