Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan

Oddly enough, he found this concept "very, very strange"

No, not spinning. You have to watch it. OK, even I think it is funny when they put it like that.

ETA: I did think at first that it was a complete put on, but, I dunno, there's a website.


Anonymous said...

Actually, this topic comes up on the Spin List regularly - how to spin dog/cat hair & which breeds have the best fur for spinning. Tho I'm not entirely sure that you'd get enough from one grooming to make anything but a very small bag.

Phyll in Central Florida

TracyKM said...

I know a few people who have spun dog hair. However, once it's wet...
There is a company is Manitoba, I think, that will spin your pet hair for you. VIP Yarns, I think (obviously I don't pay much attention, LOL, but they do advertise in the knitting magazines!)