Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some benefits of the grand dispersal

My hands are in pretty good shape, considering that it's winter, from working on using up the 1/2 bottles of hand lotion.

I found a pair of nice warm mittens I had completely forgotten about.

Mr S was inspired to get a hanging organizer for the back of the coat closet door. I think it was really designed for shoes, but the pockets work equally well for hats, gloves, even collapsible umbrellas. (We saw this in action when visiting sister Annie P, and thought it was brilliant.) So the nice warm mittens are easily accessible, yet out of the way.

I can see sections of my bedroom floor that haven't been visible since the turn of the milleneum (also dust and cobwebs that have been there almost as long).

Today I ventured into the basement and found

smocking books. When the dearest daughter was very little, I used to sew for her. I'm sure there are still a couple of smocked dresses in the attic (I haven't ventured that far in the clearing out process yet, but I'm sure they are there). I haven't needed these books in a long time, and probably never will. (If/when grandchildren arrive they will get hand knits). So why hold on to them? I just have a hard time letting go of a good reference book. I dunno, knowledge is power?

For now they will go into the "think about it stack". The think about it stack has been a useful tool in the divestment process. It sits where I nearly trip over it, so I have to notice it. And usually by the third time I look at/trip over something I had thought I might want to keep I say "naaah, let it go." I'm not numbering this bunch yet, though. I just might want to keep them.


Anonymous said...

I like the think-about-it pile idea!

Kathy said...

You have inspired me to "purge" this winter/spring. I'm starting next Saturday!

smariek said...

If you don't look, then the dust/cobwebs don't exist.

I really like that shoe rack idea. I'm not keen on the idea of using those for shoes, but I do love your hat/glove/scarf idea. I have a plastic bag hanging in the closet where I throw in my scarves. And there's a shelf in the family room where hats/mitts got piled on; very messy looking.