Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The light bulb goes on

I-cord for little thumbs, why didn't I figure that out? It seems so obvious once it's pointed out. Anyway, thanks Linda for the illuminating comment.


On the clearing out stuff front I've had a realization of a different sort: if a thing has been sitting in the same place long enough, it becomes functionally invisible. Alas, not actually invisible, I just stop noticing it amid the other clutter, or in some cases behind the other clutter. So today's disposal group (#9) is a mixed lot.

After I took the picture I also threw onto the pile a couple sets of old aluminum double points (too heavy & slippery for me), and a felted bag that was an experiment gone awry. It was one of those things I kept wanting to like, but never did. Also some leftover Christmas cards (about three years' worth).

I never seem to send exactly a box of cards. I'll go through 3/4 of a box, or a box and a half, but it never comes out even. So I save the few left over, thinking I will use them the next year. But by the next year, I can't remember exactly who got which cards the year before. The light bulb has gone on that it's kind of pointless to hold on to them.


TracyKM said...

Functionally Invisible. Yup. That's how come men don't see their tools left on the kitchen counter...or their underwear on the bathroom floor. For women, our onset of symptoms might take weeks, but for men, this is a rapidly progressive disease :)

Mary in AR said...

I agree with Tracy;men have the disease immediately.

My solution for the Christmas cards - buy two boxes of cards. As you address each card, alternating boxes, write the year and the recipients on the bottom of the card box. Next year, just switch. Has worked great for many years.

Linda L. said...

Well, you're welcome; though I have to give the credit to Meg Swansen via Franklin Habit. When the light bulb came on for me it also whacked me upside the head. You would have laughed to see me! Maybe I'll actually be able to show up at Last Saturday Knitting this month and show off the results - weather and Mom's health permitting.

magnusmog said...

I'm impressed with your decluttering but also must confess my solution to the Christmas Card problem - we don't send any cards!

smariek said...

I've stopped sending Christmas cards, just can't find time to sit down and do them. But back when I used to write them, I would keep a post-it stuck on the inside lid listing who (and which year) I had sent those cards to. I used to correspond a lot in a previous lifetime using pretty stationery and note cards; I'd do the same post-it thing with the note card boxes too.