Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse That Threw You

I did, momentarily, consider the option suggested by Magnusmog and Tracy, which was to just forge ahead with non-matching socks. I'm not averse to a little asymmetry. In fact, the striping pattern on the second was a little off, and I had noticed this before I caught on to the (really larger) rib vs stockinette discrepancy. I'd decided that was a variation I could live with. But what tipped me in favor of frogging was the sense that the difference in texture would feel funny around my ankles. Don't know if this would really be the case, but I went ahead and ripped. I'm now nearly caught up again on the second sock.

See that nice sunshine? Don't be fooled; it's damn cold out.

I'm going to go with one strand of red held with one strand of white for the heels (and, when I get to them, the toes). I've decided want something without gusset decreases, so that leaves the "afterthought", some variation of the "short row" and the "band" as possibilities (maybe others I'm not aware of). I'm leaning toward the band. I did look up something called a Jo Jo (or Yo Yo) heel that is a sort of short row variation I would really like to try - but I haven't mentally sorted out how to handle the color change with that one, so I think I'll leave it for another time.


junior_goddess said...

Funny to see that "sock people" have "Oh Crap" moments too.

smariek said...

Now that I've actually started learning socks, that "sock talk" that used to be Greek to me is starting to sound a little more ling English! :-D

smariek said...

like, not ling :-)