Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hat Tip Revisited

Phyll commented that spinning pet fur isn't that uncommon, and she's right. My favorite aunt knit a sweater from her Newfie's wool.

What made me initially think the video in my Monday post might be a bit tongue in cheek was the totally deadpan aspect of the testimonials. Much as I love my cats, I'm not sure I want to be carrying around their fur after they are gone. (On the other hand, I may well still be sweeping up their fur long after they are gone, without even a purse to show for it.)

Also, I thought the shot of the cat in the blow dry chamber was totally hysterical.


Anonymous said...

I found the idea of shaving a Persian, especially on a regular basis "as a low-maintenance way to avoid mats" hilarious, too.

YarnThrower said...

I'm allergic to cats; I wonder if I'd be allergic to a bag made out of cat hair...

Who knew that they blow dried cat fur, especially when it was still on the cat?!