Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Disposal Categories

Tracy commented, "The clutter guy on Oprah says there's two types of clutter 1)Sentimental and 2)I might need it someday." And really, that about covers it. But I am finding subcategories.

Today's (# 6 on my list) has been "things half used up." More specifically, things half used, then pushed to the back of the closet/cupboard/drawer and forgotten. Some of these things only need to be pulled to the front and intentionally used (1/2 tin of Ghiradelli cocoa, 1/2 bottle of hand lotion, another 1/2 bottle of hand lotion). The others (2 bottles of half dried nail polish, 3 lipsticks in colors I won't wear again, seed packets several years past their germination date) The cosmetics are going in the trash. I will toss the seeds outside.

I also found a half used can a spray starch. I haven't quite decided what to do with that yet. I really need to find someone who actually irons things, with starch. That person doesn't live in this house....


YarnThrower said...

Re the spray starch -- That person doesn't live in this house, either. When dh and I moved in together right after we were married, he brought a can of spray starch with him, and we've moved twice since then, and still have it. I might have seen him iron once, but it was probably a decade ago. I iron quite a bit, but typically it's while I'm working on a sewing project. WHO irons/presses clothes, anyway??

smariek said...

I finally threw out old lipsticks that I would never wear again. Why does it seem so difficult to part with stuff like this?

I no longer own an iron or ironing board. Do people still do that? In our old house, there was a flip-down door on the wall in the kitchen which would come down 90 degrees and give you an ironing board surface. Guess ironing was much more popular back when the house was built in the 1920s.