Sunday, January 18, 2009

Moving Right Along

As you can see, there has been progress on the "Mix It Up" socks. They are looking rather rustic, but, I think, cheerful.

The current elimination category is (#10) catalogs. There really aren't too many piled up around the house at the moment, because a lot of them go straight into the recycling while I'm still at the Post Office. That's kind of a cheat, though. It keeps some of the clutter out of the house, but doesn't do anything to eliminate the waste. So a couple of days ago I started calling companies to ask that they stop sending them. Then I thought I would try one of the online services to do this, and I went to

It was pretty easy to register. We'll see how well it works. A lot of the companies listed have not entered into an agreement with Catalog Choice, so I'm not sure if this will be effective or not. Have to give kudos to Patternworks for being one that has agreed. I like looking through their catalogs, but I know how to find them online, so it seems better to save the paper and the energy used to transport them.


Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of contrasting heels and toes, especially on rustic socks. Yours are indeed lookin' good.

Elizabeth said...

Those socks are great fun! And so much better now that they are a matched set. ;-)

CatBookMom said...

Fun socks! Very patriotic, actually.

We used to get lots and lots of catalogs. One year I kept all that arrived starting with the first one with Christmas stuff in it. The pile was more than 3 feet tall. Like you I called to stop them, and it's worked very well. This year I seem to have ordered online from some place that sent my name around, since we got a lot of new ones, but I keep calling to stop them.

smariek said...

Very cool that there is such a catalog service. Can't say I get that many catalogs anymore, since we moved a little over a year ago ... we get to start off on a somewhat clean slate. Although it is amazing how some people can still find you!

I've started my first sock! I can see how this can get addictive.