Sunday, January 21, 2007

things learned the hard way about grafting lace

Put lifelines in on the final row of each piece to be grafted.

I guess that's just one thing, but it should be said at least twice. I started grafting the two pieces of the Tiger, Tiger stole together on Friday. It should have been pretty straightforward. I planned ahead so that the grafted stitches would be a plain row, in knit. Somehow, I got off by a stitch about 2/3's of the way through.

Picking out grafting on lace is not fun. I had a "walk away from the knitting" moment. It was not pretty.

I did finish yesterday. Oh, there was another thing learned. It's harder to match tension nicely on lace than it is on a sock toe.

That's all. No picture. We are hoping for the magic of blocking.


Christine said...

See??? This is why lace scares me! LOL

But~ lace knitters I know say blocking makes all the difference in the world. You go from this floppy, tangled looking mess to beauty, almost instantly. Your Tiger will be tamed, and beautiful, I'm sure.

kmkat said...

Here's hoping for the magic of blocking, although I'm pretty sure it is not really magic and that it does in fact heal all lace wounds. Bravo for you!