Monday, January 22, 2007

Mother of All Romance Novels

Whoo Hoo! Jane Eyre on PBS last night. I'm loving it. Of course, every filming of a favorite book has to bear comparison with one's own mental images. In this one some of the childhood scenes were a little more visually lurid than Yorkshire grim. But that's minor. And there is definitely chemistry between Jane and Mr. Rochester.....

But on to knitting. I'm so excited that Mmario modified the Progressive for a square shawl, and it came out just beautifully. With his permission, I'm sharing his picture.

Now he's working on a circular version. I can hardly wait.


Christine asked if there is a way to modify the Tiger, Tiger to be done without grafting. Well, yes and no, I guess. The Tiger Eye pattern is highly directional, and I wanted both ends to match, hence the grafting. As Calamintha mentioned, it's possible to start in the middle with a provisional cast on and worked outwards, but in this case that would have changed the "flow" of the pattern. A real challenge would be to try to work the Tiger Eye from top to bottom so I could do that. My mind boggles a little at the thought of attempting it, but it would be a good design exercise.


While I was down at the Argyle Fiber Mill picking up some nice alpaca yarn for a scarf, Elizabeth mentioned that she is interested in carrying knitting patterns by local/regional designers. If you are a Wisconsin, or even upper Midwest designer with patterns in hard copy format you might want to contact her.


Also want to mention that on his blog, Mmario has a really nifty summary of various ways to shape shawls (and there are a lot).

And now that I'm on useful bits of information -

Marie has shared her technique for working cables without a cable needle. You have to scroll down a bit, but that will give you a chance to see her really pretty dayflower washcloth.

Fleegle has a different take on a provisional cast on. It looks rather brilliant to me, but I haven't actually tried it yet (on my "to do very soon" list)


That's all for now. I have to go wind some alpaca.


Christine said...

Cindy ~ MMario's interpretation of your shawl is beautiful! As is your original, of course. I love looking at all these wonderful, lacy projects. One of these days, I'll challenge myself to actually knit one!

Til then, I'm sticking to cables and colorwork. They're easy and fun, and I can use yarn big enough that I can see it LOL

Cindy G said...

I love cables and colorwork, just seem to be stuck on a lace kick for the time being. I keep thinking that someday I'll get to an Elizabeth Lavold sweater, and those Latvian mitts....

kmkat said...

Thanks for the link to Fleegle's provisional cast-on. It looks intriguing -- I may have to try it.