Monday, January 08, 2007

Sunday Drive to Madison

Mr. Scrump and I took a field trip.

First stop, Lakeside Fibers. Wow! I hadn't been there in quite a while. There are a couple of yarn sources that are more in the line of my regular routes. The last time I was in it was nice, but it's gotten even better. The back room used to be mostly the weaving supplies, now the knitting yarns have expanded into half of it, and the other half is a lovely, light filled coffee shop that takes advantage of the glorious view over the lake. (And for the first time in my life I actually saw a man knitting. I know there are lots of you out there, guys, I just haven't seen you in person before). The yarn selection is mouth watering, definitely some high end stuff here, but the atmosphere was relaxed. I loved it. But I resisted temptation, for now.

Next stop, St. Vinnie's Dig & Save. The Dig & Save feels a little like dumpster diving (it's clean, but textiles are tossed into bins about 4 feet deep, so you really do have to dig). It also has the best deals in town. I came away with a wool cardigan in a bulky handpaint looking 100% wool for $1.89.

I grabbed it thinking it has good felting potential, but as it is soft, lightweight and warm I'm wearing it. There's a little bit of pilling. Otherwise, it's like new.
On to lunch and then Barnes & Noble. This isn't my first choice for a bookstore, but Mr. S. had gift cards from students. I'm glad to say that their selection of knitting books was humongeous, much larger than the last time I checked. I was tempted by "Sensational Knitted Socks" (C. Schurch), but again resisted. I don't need another sock book (repeat three times), even thought this one does look really good.
I did pick up the current Piecework magazine (Knitting Special: New Take on Old Techniques). My first reaction is that it really makes me miss the old Threads magazine, from it's glory days before it limited itself to sewing. Piecework feels thin in comparison. Mostly I miss having good illustrations/photos of the working techniques. I liked the choice of topics, there are some very good photographs. There just wasn't much depth. And the "Knitting Spools" piece was pretty much fluff. On the other hand, the article about Marta Stina Abrahmsdotter was very interesting. So with reservations, it's a keeper.

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