Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happpy Camper

Thanks for leaving all the comments on the last post, I'm happy dancing.

I'm so glad the pictures of the cast on were helpful! One of these days I'll get a camera that can actually take close ups in focus *G*

Don't anyone worry about "Gypsy Girl" hitting the stands too soon. For one thing it is getting wider and wider, which of course means each row takes longer and longer...and any theoretical ripping back for mistakes (who me?) or design changes will become a bigger and bigger undertaking. For another, I'm not sure how I'll get a printable chart. I think may end up needing one of those "whole d**n triangle on one sheet" layouts..... (right now everything's being done with paper and pencil.) But I'll figure something out eventually.

Christine, be impressed, but not too impressed. There's a lot of scribbling and erasing going on in those ten or so rows of charting ahead of the actual knitted rows, and I do have a sort of generalized idea and rough sketch of what I think I'm aiming for.....

And Elizabeth, thanks for the Literary Knit-erary contribution. I hadn't even thought about children's lit, but now am remembering "The Mitten"- specifically the edition illustrated by Jan Brett. (Is she a knitter? Her "Annie and the Wild Animals" has some of the best illustrations of hand knits)

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Christine said...

Aw, let me be very impressed! LOL I design some sweaters for myself, and I know how difficult that is to do, in general, but lace! Creativity always impresses me, anyway. So, just accept it and be proud!