Saturday, January 20, 2007

Can't walk and chew gum..

Well, actually, I can manage that. But I am, shall we say, easily distracted. I can't drive and talk at the same time, not in traffic I can't. I can't do homework and watch TV (or I couldn't when homework was still an issue). And I can't engage in conversation and knit, not anything tricky at any rate, say anything that requires keeping track of what row I am on.

And yet, I do regularly put myself in situations that require talking and knitting more or less at the same time. (Why call it a knitting group if I'm not knitting?) And this leads to the need for, let's not call it "mindless" knitting, the need for "conversational" knitting.

Stockinette is fine (especially in the round). Ribbing is not bad. Garter stitch is ideal. In other words, I need jobs that would be monumentally boring if done for long periods in silence. So after all these years I still almost always have something in garter on the needles.

This is for the Snuggles Project, and will go to the Green County Humane Society when it is finished.

I am probably not going to post pictures of my progress. (Boring knitting, remember?) But every Thursday night, for who knows how many weeks, it will be there - slowly, quietly growing while I try to catch up on at least some of the news that doesn't appear in the local paper.


CatBookMom said...

You are far from alone in the limits on those things you can knit successfully while socializing. I've come to have a couple of these projects going on at a time, usually scarves. I've found that diagonal-knit garter stitch is ideal, as is mistake-rib. The multiple projects happen if I run into a problem with one, and can't get it fixed before the next occasion for these easy knits. Many knitters use socks for traveling projects, but I can't deal with the small gauge due to vision problems in low light.

kmkat said...

Conversational knitting is a great term, exactly right. I tried to turn the heel of a sock once with 2 friends in the car -- after I frogged the same row a couple of times I started a warshcloth. Much better.

Elizabeth said...

I'm definitely not a multi-tasker, though my kids and husband keep treating me like one.

I can do k2, p2 socks at knitting group. But, when I get to the heel and have to k1, slip 1 for the heel flap, I can't handle that.

Cindy G said...

Sock legs are good for me for car/conversation, too. Legs only, for exactly the reasons y'll mentioned. Ribbit, Ribbit.