Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A good gift

The love of language is the love of truth, and this brings one into conflict with authority, since power employs deceit and is so fond if it--Rexroth said: "The accepted official version of most anything is most likely false...all authority is based on fraud."--but the love of language is a fundamental connection to our fellows and is the basis of true civility. -Garrison Keillor, Good Poems

This book was another favorite Christmas gift. For one thing, the introduction is one of the most sensible discussions of poetry I have read in a long time. For the other, it has a lot of good poems, and most of them are new to me. I would like to copy out many of them here. I also genuinely respect the concept of copyright. So go buy the book. Or check it out of the library.

When the weather is at zero, you can't beat the spot behind the basement door. But he's missing a lovely day.

view from back door - no kittie prints

The second half of "Tiger, Tiger" is almost complete. Then the grafting.... I've done plenty of sock toes, so I'm hoping it won't be a big deal (though the way this project has seemed to be jinxed, who knows). I still haven't decided whether to add an edging - think I'll block it before I make up my mind.


Elizabeth said...

I love the white scarf! Beautiful work.

My cats thought briefly about going out, but decided not.

kmkat said...

Leave it to a kitty to find the warmest spot in the house. I very much like the quote, too -- I often wonder, when I hear the *official* version of whatever, what the real truth is.