Monday, January 22, 2007

Preliminary Evaluation

I've blocked the Tiger, Tiger Stole by dampening and patting to shape. (I think of this as "rough blocking") just to get an overall view. Now it's time to evaluate.

Overall, I like it just fine and will either happily wear it or give it as a gift. (Mother's Day is coming up). But I would like to do it again with a little tweaking. Still want to shorten the plainer section between the Tiger Eye sections on each side (maybe 1-2 fewer repeats). Possibly lengthen the plainer section at the very center.

Visually, I like the straight lengthwise sides, but only four stitches of garter based edge may not be enough to control the curl (haven't actually picked it up yet to see - it's still slightly damp).

I would like to try a single panel as a scarf. I may head down to the Argyle Fiber Mill to see if they have any fingering to sport weight alpaca. Also, when thinking of writing up the pattern, I want to try it in a yarn whose yardage I actually know. (This was stash yarn from a kit marked only "100% wool - lace weight).

In terms of execution: my gauge loosened up noticeably on the second side, the grafting isn't perfect. Just things for me to notice and work on.


Elizabeth said...

I think it's gorgeous! Wonderful work.

YarnThrower said...

WOW, that looks great! (And, I can't even see what you are talking about regarding the grafted area...)

Cindy G said...

re: the graft Sometimes having a camera that doesn't do close ups is not so bad *G*

junior_goddess said...

I think it's gorgeous, and will bravely volunteer to be your giftee!

Christine said...

Cindy, I love it! It's truly gorgeous. This may even tempt me into trying lace! I can't wait for you to post the pattern.

I think a scarf using a single panel would be beautiful, too.

And, since I'm a total lace novice, is there a way to simply reverse the pattern without grafting two separate sides together? (This is my cables exp. talking, since I can twist cables every which way LOL)

kmkat said...

Totally beautiful!

Calamintha said...

Really gorgeous Cindy! Another triumph!

Being chicken, I always go for the upside down patterns that I can do using a provisional cast on to avoid the dreaded grafting :)

MMario said...

oh you *are* making my fingers itch in anticipation!