Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why does this feel like blackmail?

Well the good news is, people must be trying to look at my tiny website. But the bad news is, when too many people try to look, Geocities shuts it down for a bit. We're not talking about hundreds of hits here. We're not even talking about a hundred. More like 37 so far this morning. Free hosting, indeed! I guess the ads they put on the page aren't enough. Sigh. Of course, I could pay for an upgrade. Why does that not surprise me?

So if you, dear reader, were unlucky number thirty-eight: 1) I love you for trying, and 2) you really didn't miss all that much, but try again anyway.

Oh great! Now when I try to save this, I'm getting a "cannot connect to Blogger" message.
The internets is messing with my mind. I'm going to try to fool the internets and save this in Word. Cunning vs. brute cyberspace force.

(later) the post that said it couldn't connect actually appeared four times (three of which I had to delete). I'll call it a draw. I've got to go to work.

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