Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Block that kick! (I mean scarf)

Ok, I promise this is the last of the Razor Shell Scarf. I just wanted to show how the pattern blocks out.

So what's the next project to be? I'm thinking triangle shawl, not too complicated, but with a little challenge to it, too. I have ten 50 gm balls of cream/natural colored sock yarn (almost sport weight). I bought these thinking I would hand paint them. That was before I realized what a drag it is unwinding them back into skeins for dyeing. (And then once that process is done, they have to be wound back into balls - no wonder they've been sitting around for more than a year.) So a cream colored shawl, that can be dyed after its done if that's what I decide, which I might, because I already have a cream colored shawl.

I actually wear shawls, but would probably knit them even if I didn't because they make such a nice canvass for lace.

I have always loved blue line graph paper (sort of in the same way that I love office supply stores). Don't exactly know why. So much potential, yet such promise of order. Time to dig out the graph paper.

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YarnThrower said...

I love blue-line graph paper and office supply stores, too! Your scarf looks great!