Saturday, September 16, 2006

Border Patrol

In the middle of one night
Miss Clavel turned on her light
and said, "Something is not right!"
Ludwig Bemelmans, " Madeline"

If, while you are in the middle of a lace project, a similar feeling assails you: stop, do not pass go, drop everything and find out where the something went wrong. Because that feeling is always right. There's a mistake in there, and the sooner it's found and defeated, the better for all concerned. So count those stitches on the wrong side rows, learn to recognize the center point of each motif, beware of wily ring markers sliding through the middle of a stitch and coming up on the other side.

This is the border for the Progressive Shawl up to Row48. Row 39 was where I reached my personal "Honey, if you talk to me now I will kill you" level. That point might come somewhere else for you, dear reader. We all have our limits, but they vary. At any rate, I think I can fairly claim to be fulfilling my intention of having the shawl become more challenging as it progresses.
Row 44-48, however, were like butter, a piece of cake, a little breather before working pattern stitches every row. I'm going back to a garter ground, though. I'm not a total masochist.

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Claudia said...

What a gorgeous border! My husband does understand those times when he's chattering away to me, I'm not answering so he chatters away some more and keeps asking me questions until I scream "I'm counting!" LOL These days I just try to do the hard stuff when he's not home, although knitting doesn't always cooperate like that, as we all know.