Monday, September 25, 2006

fichu border clarification

I had a question about the border for the lace fichu, so I've put up a chart and a little more explanation here: fichuborderclarification

Alas, the technical college was one student short, so they had to cancel the class. We'll try again next semester.

On the bright side, that gives me time I can put to use 1) making some progress on the Progressive Shawl, 2) using up some more of the eyelash stash making fuzzy wuzzy scarves to take to the River Valley Trading Co on consignment.

The prep work wasn't a total waste. I got the teaching materials organized, which I had been meaning to do ever since last spring. And I'll try offering it through the store in Oct. They have had a couple of inquiries, so we'll see if that translates to actual registrations. At least there I won't be looking at a minimum number to make it go.

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