Thursday, March 19, 2009

We're funny that way

After 15+ years as an elementary school teacher, Mr S's verdict is "When it comes to his or her own child, every parent is just a little bit wacko, including us."

I'm starting to think knitters might be the same way about yarn. What brought this to mind was an incident at my Thursday knitting group. One friend asked about a possible yarn substitution for a pattern she's considering, and I suggested one that is a cotton acrylic blend. Another knitter popped in with "Oh, I just don't like acrylic." Fair enough. I can rattle off all the ways natural fibers differ from synthetic, and why I appreciate the qualities of the former over the latter. What got me was the undertone, that nobody should knit with acrylic, ever - you know, that there is something bad about making that choice. And then I realized that I was getting all defensive (just internally-the conversation didn't escalate into full blown fiber wars). Internally I was seething, just a tiny bit, ticking off the legitimate reasons for choosing a non-natural fiber.

And then I thought, "What am I doing here? Who cares what someone else knits with? And why do I care what someone else thinks about what I knit with?"

So I'm starting to think that when it comes to fiber choices, every knitter is a little bit wacko, including me.


Amy said...

The only reason someone should care what kind of yarn you're using is if you're knitting something for them.

magnusmog said...

Amen to Amy's comment - knit and let knit:)

Sandra said...

yup - we're all a little wacko. And the fibre war issue will never go away. Yes, I prefer natural fibres, but I'm not adverse to a little synthetic additon sometimes. But I am adverse to ANY yarn that feels, acts and looks like plastic.
But that's just me.

Elizabeth said...

Yep, Wacko here. Guilty as charged.

Maudies said...

I am wacko but try hard not to be a yarn snob.