Monday, March 02, 2009

How nice

Marie gave me a blog award, (thank you, Marie!).

The first part of the rules of the game is to link back to her site, which I am really happy to do, because 1) she's a nice person and 2) she does lovely things with cables and shares how she does them in free patterns.

The second part is to link to other "nominees", notify them and ask them to pass it along; and this part I'm going to modify just a little. I want to share some sites, but I'm not (for various reasons including the fact that I have never "met" some/most of these people even online) going to do the notification part, just let you know why I like them.

The Clay Dojo I stumbled on this one while doing a Google image search for archaic Greek terracottas. Some amazing images of what can be done with clay (more contemporary than ancient).

The Cat Pottery is not a blog, it's an online catalog/commercial site. But I love dropping by from time to time to look at the pictures.

I've enjoyed Bonnie's knitting blog (Blue Peninsula), for quite a while, but have only lately tuned in to Quotidiart, her art blog.

If you are interested in knitting flat geometric shapes, Positively Polygonal is a good resource.

I have probably linked to Kay McDonagh before, but I simply love her animal etchings, so don't mind doing it again. Just looking at them makes me feel happy.


Annie Pazoo said...

What fun! You ARE very creative!

Bonnie said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! Such a nice surprise. Your "kreativ" blogger award is well deserved. (And one of these days, I am going to cast on and make your lovely lace fichu!)

smariek said...

Thanks for the cool links. Loved Bonnie's blog, and that Positively Polygonal is interesting too.

I couldn't get to The Cat Pottery, since your link takes me to The Clay Dojo.

Cindy G said...

Oops, and thanks for the heads up. I think I have the Cat Pottery link fixed now.