Monday, March 23, 2009

Grey,wet, windy

it's a bit too chilly to spend much time outside today, which is probably just as well. I have things needing my attention inside.

But the weekend was glorious, and I spent most of it in the yard. Cutting back perennials (read the phlox and the Rudbecia threatening to take over the world), dragging dead leaves off the beds, and pulling weeds (also threatening to take over the world). Said "hello" to the earthworms - happy to see them stirring about. Said "hello" to the tulip and daffodil leaves. Mr S whacked about 5 feet off the back hedge (it grows at least that much a year), dug over his garden space and planted a row of spinach. The cardinals and robins said hello to us. If there is a heaven, I hope this is what it's like.

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Annie Pazoo said...

Ah, yes, the chirping birdies have been out in full force, such pleasant companions :-)