Sunday, March 30, 2008

Well that took longer than expected

I sat down this morning to finally write up and format (and set up on Payloadz and get entered on Ravelry) the mitten pattern (now officially known as Hansen) thinking I had 2-3 hours work ahead of me. Ha! But 6 hours later, I think I have it done. I'll get the purchase link in the sidebar soon. (eta: OK, it's there now). But in the meantime I'm going to borrow an idea from Annie Modesitt. I'll send a complimentary copy of the pattern to the first three people who email me through my profile and ask for it. No strings attached. All I ask is that if you come across any errors or omissions (now or six months from now) you let me know.

This now counts as one more Mission Possible task accomplished, because though it didn't involve any new knitting, it was definitely on my unfinished projects mental list.

As for other MP items: I'm about 75% finished with the scarf. I have both heels turned on the socks, and have started the gusset section on one.

Next in line will be a new lace scarf pattern that has also been on my mental list for quite a while. But I'm waiting on the yarn. It should be coming in the mail soon.


YarnThrower said...

A rule of thumb I've always used to estimate the time it will take to complete a project is to consider how long I think it *should* take; then multiply that number by two and switch to the next higher unit. For example, if I think a project should take me 5 minutes, it will really take me 10 hours.

Cindy G said...

You know, I think you're onto something with that "next higher unit".

MollyBeees said...

Hee Hee! 5 minuntes=10 hours sound about right to me too! Love the Hansen mittens. Wish I could have seen them in person on Sat!

Elizabeth said...

And, in addition to YarnThrower's input, I find that I can really bog down in minutiae when I start playing around with page formatting. That stuff is just so fun for me.