Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wed Misc

Who knew there was a Medieval Textiles group on Ravelry? (How cool). Anyway, Magnusmog asked there about the tapestry that so intrigued me, and the opinion there is that the curious object is a mirror.


Yesterday I drove to Monroe for my semi-annual teeth cleaning and floss lecture. On the way out of town I swung through the Burger King drive-through. Opened my window, of course, to get the goods; and it stuck. Wouldn't close. So I drove home 30 miles with the window open, cursing my self for forgetting. This had happened to Mr S before, and he had warned me about putting that window all the way down. But that was months ago, when the weather was warm. Eons ago. So I forgot. I'll see today if the local shop can do anything with it. If not, I guess I'll be driving back to Monroe to the dealership with the window open.


Mission Possible Report. I did get the pet blanket in the mail. And by making myself do at least a little bit First Thing Every Morning, I now have the mending finished on three pairs of socks, just one more to go. So what next? Well there's this:

"This" has been sitting in the back of my closet for at least two years, tying up several balls of sock yarn and two sets of dpns. It's a project so ill conceived in every way that I'm not even going to say what I was trying for. So I'm ripping it out, and I must say that there is liberation in finally giving up and admitting defeat. I'm not going to "get back to it." I'm not going to try to re-do it. I'm pulling out that yarn and winding it back into balls, and that's the end of it.


Elizabeth said...

It'll be like getting free yarn!

Good luck with your window. We had a power window break once. I think the dealership was going to charge a lot of money, so my husband took the door apart and fixed it himself. Kind of a pain in the butt, but better than shelling out upwards of $200.

YarnThrower said...

YAY! You are cruising right along!

What a pain about the window. I had to laugh about your floss lecture comment. That's what I always used to get, too. Then I started flossing everyday. They say it really made my gums better, but I swear it takes just as long as them to scrape all of the plaque off of my teeth. Now they're telling me I have that "kind of saliva which just makes people prone to plaque...."

Leslie said...

Aargh! The dreaded "floss lecture" - of course, since I haven't been in for about 18 months I will deserve it. But it's a right royal righteous pain - delivered by a 20 year old with a toned body which makes it even harder to take :)

Congrats on the self-discipline and freeing yourself from the WIP that Would Not Be. But I have a question. Are you just going to let the long-knit yarn stay in a ball or will you re-skein then wet, let hang and dry straight (reclaim) before you use it?