Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Pleased to Report That

Mr S was able to un-jam the car window. It's not completely fixed, in that I still have to remember not to lower it more than half way. But I can live with that.

On the Mission Possible front, which in my mind has become Mission Clear the Decks, I finished the sock mending. Yay!

I also ripped the Project of Doom and rewound the yarn.

Leslie asked: "... will you re-skein then wet, let hang and dry straight (reclaim) before you use it?" The correct answer to this question (like the correct answer to "Do you floss daily?") is a resounding "Yes". That yarn is really kinky. Knitting with it straight from the ball could lead to uneven stitches, even gauge weirdness.

But as has so often been the case in my life, I'm not going with the correct answer. I've already cast on for a new pair of socks. I'm using two strands of yarn: the kinky re-wound, and a fresh off the original ball in a coordinating color for a kind of tweedy Ragg effect. Lets just say these are likely to be informal in feel and leave it at that.

Next on the list is to deal with this.

Someone I know asked me if I could fix it. I warned her that I couldn't make it pretty, but I could try to stabilize it so the stitches don't run any further, and close the gap. I think she mostly wants it for knocking around the barn. So this will be relatively fast meatball surgery.

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