Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost April Showers

It's a grey, grey day, with intermittent showers, so I won't be spending much time outside. But I did make a quick dash out to check on new arrivals.

And sure enough, there were welcome surprises.

Puddles are forming between the remaining bits of snow. It's a cosy day to be indoors, and since I have a few hours before heading out to work, I'm going to concentrate on completing the second sock gusset. Here's the first.

That heel flap is a little bit on the long side, but I have fairly high insteps so I think it will fit alright in the end.


Note to Ms Bees: I forgot to bring the mittens on Saturday, so you didn't miss them, though we missed you. I'll try to remember next month.


Leslie said...

Am I missing something or isn't Fair Isle on the foot and a plain leg a somewhat backwards construction? Of course, it's possible I'm missing something or you're intending to walk on your hands while wearing no shoes. Please advise? Thanks.

Cindy G said...

Do things backward? Me? Well yes, sometimes. But there's a reason, even if convoluted. I pad around the house in my stocking feet. My jeans cover up the legs. So if I want to admire the purty patterns I put them on the foot. (Now when I was working in an office full time I put anything too flashy at the top of the leg, where only I knew they were there).

Cindy G said...
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Cindy G said...

Whoops, posted the same thing twice.

YarnThrower said...

With the rainy weather, our house actually feels colder now than it did when the temperatures outside were in the negative numbers, even though the thermostat is set at the same thing.....

The socks are really cute!