Saturday, March 08, 2008

medieval mystery object

Magnusmog went to France, and took a picture of a tapestry in the Musee de Cluny. I love it, but it's driving me crazy. It portrays a lovely woman, elegantly dressed, against a floral background. But what is that object she is holding? I looks like a sort of tray with balls of yarn in it. From the center rises a a vertical support, and at the top is a round frame containing something that looks shiny and convex. The frame is studded with smaller round objects that might be transparent. Is it a mirror? A magnifying glass? A lens to gather and focus light? Art historians, medievalists, help me out here.


I've been impressed and inspired by YarnThrower Laura's progress on her Mission Possible project. I have a few UFO's to finish up myself, and but even more USP's (that's Un-Started Projects). Why are the Unfinished still unfinished? In one case (lace shawl) because it is complex and I'm charting as I go, and it feels like more of a challenge than I'm in the mood for right now, though I know I will get back to it. In the other cases, because they a pokey boring, unexciting tasks. But they are cluttering my life, and I'm going to get rid of them, starting with this:

It's a blanket for the Snuggles Project (pet blankets for shelters), and has been done for about a year except for weaving in ends, looking up the shelter address and mailing it off. That's not so hard. It will be in the mail tomorrow.


YarnThrower said...


So glad to hear that other knitters get "stuck", too, when it comes to the part where the ends are woven in! It really IS nice to finish the little things up so that they aren't cluttering, both space and mind! YAY for finishing your blanket!

kmkat said...

I wish I could help you out with that tapestry image, but it boggles my mind, too.

magnusmog said...

I've never been a mystery before!
I'll ask Graeme, my medieval historian chum to ask around and see if anyone knows what it is. There were more balls of yarn in the rest of the tapestry so there was definately something crafty going on.......