Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Plans Change

So now that the scarf has moved into the "knitting without much thinking" slot, I'm reconsidering those plain ribbed socks. Wouldn't it be more fun to add a little oomph to the feet?

I've got an urge to break out into colorwork (or at least more-than-one-neutral work). I can do that. But I need to adjust the stitch count a little. Those ribs have lots of negative ease. And stranding a pattern will tighten up my gauge considerably. And the extra thickness will mean I need extra ease. So before I go anywhere else, I'm going to increase 1 stitch in each rib. That will take me up to 60 stitches total. Will that be enough to go over my heel when I pull the eventual socks on? I don't know. Maybe I'll go up a needle size. Excuse me while I launch myself into the unknown........

Ok, I really wrote the above yesterday, and in the meantime I've come this far:

I went to 60 stitches but did not change needle size. The first 10 rounds fit over my heel, so I've gone ahead and started the heel flap in the simplest possible "salt and pepper" pattern because, you know, working stranded knitting back and forth is a huge pain in the patoot. Can you steek heel flaps? I suppose there is no reason why not, though there would be a little extra bulk at the sides of the flap. At any rate, I'm working back and forth and considering it practice with stranding in purl.

It's another gloriously sunny afternoon. I decided I couldn't put it off any longer. It was time to snap on the latex gloves, grab a plastic bag and go pick up the worst of the gunk that has emerged from under the melting snowbanks.

Even Spring has it's drawbacks. Though I must say there was less dog poop than some years. And while I was out I spotted my first robin. Oh heck, even picking up trash isn't half bad on a day like today.


MollyBeees said...

How bad do you have cabin fever when you look forward to picking up dog poop? And I have two BIG dogs. I'm pathetic.

I put an afterthought heel in my two colored xmas stocking (is that what you mean by steeked?) and it worked out just fine. The socks are going to be beautiful!

YarnThrower said...

I haven't gone looking for it, though my seven year old already pointed out a nice pile of dog poop in our yard. I've thought about putting a sign by it inquiring about the owner, though that isn't very I won't do that...though the thought of picking it up myself doesn't make me happy,either, when it shouldn't be there in the first place....) Okay, done with that topic... We're on our way out the door now, too! Beautiful day!