Monday, August 31, 2009

A couple of nice sites to visit

And neither of them has anything to do with knitting.

I'm afraid that if you asked me about craft blogs/sites beyond knitting I wouldn't know a thing. Fortunately, sister Ann is familiar with lots of fun and interesting places, and recently she sent me a link to a lovely illustration by Marilyn Scott-Waters, which led me to her website,, which is filled with wonderful paper designs you can print out and use - cards, toys, paper dolls, gift bags, an advent calendar..... I'm still exploring all the options. I printed out some charming bookmarks (then realized they would be even nicer if I would get some lightweight card stock and replace the fading color cartridge on the printer).

Click picture to make bigger

Lots of potential for creative play for children of any age, and her pages are sprinkled through with lovely quotations. This site makes me feel happy.

So does Bill Hess's journal. He is a wonderful photographer, who blogs about his family and what he sees on his walks and bike rides, all in a low key fashion. He has a wry sense of humor. Somehow, reading his posts generally gives me a sense of peace.

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YarnThrower said...

Thanks for the tip about the craft web site... The boys and I will have to check it out on a rainy day...(or a snow day, at the rate things are going...)