Friday, August 21, 2009

Usually I try to stay away from politic here

but I hope that some (many?) of you will read the August 21 post at

Edited to add:
I confess that I had not read the comments to the post linked above when I posted it, and I still have not read all of them as there are now over 400. I simply was impressed by the essay itself. I, too, am dismayed by vitriol/hateful sloganeering coming from either side of the health care issue. I feel very strongly that we do not need hateful emotions, we need rational discussion.

So I do not retract my endorsement of the original post by AK Muckraker, which I read as a well written argument against inflammatory rhetoric. But I have removed the direct link, because I do not want to be sending people directly to comments that I have not fully reviewed.

This is a lame compromise, I know, but it's the best I could come up with.


junior_goddess said...

Oh, holy crap. I wrote a long reply. It's so long, I am going to turn it into tomorrow's blog post instead.

My verification word is snorts. It kind of fits.

magnusmog said...

Thanks for sharing that - I'm so amazed that people on your side of the ocean are afraid/hostile of Obama's health care plans. I have no health insurance and can count on one finger the number of people I know who do. Yet I have never had to worry about paying for the ton of medicine that I need. In the last two years our family has experienced two heart operations
(one an emergency ), treatment for breast cancer and the ongoing health conditions that getting older brings. All on our National Health Service. No death panels, no worry about access to services, just the right help when we needed it.

The Brits are rather proud of their not quite perfect NHS!

Chrisknits said...

I had a long response written, but scraped that. What I really want to say is, their words carry no meaning after you read the comments to the post. How sad that they feel it's OK to let comments stand that are equal in vitriol to those they condemn in the post. I left a comment in opposition, but it was not allowed. Their right, but it kind of negates their outrage over the issue. It just ends up being, do as I say, but not as I do.

For the record, I do not like for either side to use Hitler to make their point. Not when the left did it for 8 years, and not those who choose to do it now.