Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Knitting News of the World

The Guardian reports on a project to produce a Giant Knitted Poem. Hat's off to the Poetry Society!

And in New York, a nurse in a unit for women with high risk pregnancies has started a knitting program for her patients. Hat's off to Marguerite Tirelli and the "Mothers of Purl".

I just love Google.


Anonymous said...

Great stories! Google Images is how I got back into knitting (and became obsessed). I entered knitting terms like fair isle and entrelac and just kept following links.

magnusmog said...

and I love the Guardian, it's my daily paper:)

junior_goddess said...

""When it rains, the TV doesn't work anyway," she said. "This keeps your mind occupied."

Hmmm-they suffer with Direct TV.

Fun stories!