Monday, August 24, 2009

The Kitten Formerly Known as Melman

now answers to the name of Bob. Well, being a kitten, he doesn't really answer to anything, but that's what we're calling him. Bob is a bit of a Rum Tum Tugger.

Today Bob discovered that toilet lids aren't always closed. Fortunately, Mr S was there to fish him out and dry him off.

"Milton" is evolving into "Martin", which may or may not end with that. As Eliot reminds us: "The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your holiday games...."

Martin is lithe and lively, seems just a bit more thoughtful than Bob, but perhaps that's his (relatively) advanced age.


magnusmog said...


MollyBeees said...

The newbies are too cute! I got my mum a cat when I was in Maine. She's 3 years old and only weighs about 3 pounds. Her name in Punkin. Mum resisted at first but I wore her down. Now I get daily updates on what the cat is up to now! :-) Congrats on your new furbabies!

tien said...

zo hebben wij jaren een "klein Poesje" gehad. Geen één andere naam was goed bij deze dame.
Nu slaaf van abessijn Siera, en halfsijn-kinderen Jikke en Stuiter(kwam in stuitligging, ook wel genoemd: abuizen (van de buurtkater ipv de dure kater)

Jhon said...
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Annie said...

Cute and Cuter!