Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, I Forgot to Mention...

(waves to commenters - love you all)

I left out a few details about the new sock book.

It is currently available through Leisure Arts and on Amazon.

It's a collection of designs, rather than a "how to knit socks" book, though it does contain tips on sizing and yarn selection, and basic instructions for knitting techniques used. My aim was to provide a sort of "sampler" of different styles of socks, using different pattern techniques - so there are examples with color work (both stranded and slip stitch), lace, cables and slip stitch texture. Most of the designs are for adult socks, but there are also: a pair of legwarmers, some slippers, some baby socks and two Christmas Stockings.

I've started getting individual items into the Ravelry pattern database. Only two are there at the moment, but eventually a pattern search for "Leisure Arts #4784" will bring them all up.

All of the patterns are written to be worked from the top down.

Here's a picture of one of the Christmas Stockings. It's one of my favorites, and because it's a 64 st sock, I may just try one (or actually two) in sock weight yarn to wear instead of hanging by the mantle.

copyright Leisure Arts


Leslie said...

Isn't that pretty! And just right for my "almost, maybe someday, son-in-law" - not giddy, and I could stitch his name on a la Kristin Nicholas... love it!

junior_goddess said...

That's beautiful!

kmkat said...

Next time I need a Christmas stocking, that's the one!