Sunday, August 09, 2009


at kmkat's comment on my last post. Believe me, sometimes along the process it felt exactly that way. In fairness to Cat, (Bordhi, that is) I feel obliged to post the following.

It fits quite comfortably. Whoda Thunk It?
Now in fairness to the Truth I must make an admission. I worked alternately on two socks. Work toe, reinforce lesson by working second toe. Work increase section, reinforce lesson by working second increase section. Start working heel - Gaack! rip out, complete heel. Work second heel to reinforce lesson.
In my intense concentration I overlooked one little detail. The pattern reverses the direction of that swirl on the second sock. I just repeated what I had done for the first. So no beautiful symmetry. I didn't realize this until after completing the second heel and a good bit (most) of the leg. I'm not ripping back (stamps foot and pouts).
I'm going to proceed to EZ's sewn bind off, which looks like a piece of cake because it's practically the same as grafting, and Lord knows I can do that. Besides, Jen showed me how to do it the last time I was actually able to get to Last Saturday Knitting.


Anonymous said...

The sewn bind-off is a piece of cake. I blogged an insultingly obvious illustrated tutorial about it a couple years ago:

junior_goddess said...

I LIKE the way your sock looks. A LOT.

YarnThrower said...

Looking great! Very cute with the odd construction!

Leslie said...

it's just as well you didn't make them mirror images. This way they'll wear more evenly as weight is distributed differently on each foot. In other words wearing the "R" sock on the "R" foot will make it wear out more quickly. You're just being frugal :)