Friday, February 29, 2008

Yikes, Oh Duh and D'oh!

First the Yikes: I finished the top of the first mitten, but I'm not happy with it. I get a little paranoid about mittens being too short. (I hate having my fingers squished). But I over compensated and these are decidedly too long. Also, I don't like the prominence of the decrease line in orange.

So I'm going to rip back. Then I'll either decrease on black stitches, or slant the decreases the other direction. Golly, at the rate I'm going I'll have these things done just about in time for next year.

Now the Oh Duh: Sometimes I'm just slow. When I met the lovely J. at Last Saturday Knitting, I never made the connection that she is also the lovely Kitty Mommy. The new teeth should have been a give away, but no.... Sometimes my brain just has these separate parallel compartments that never meet.

Finally D'oh!: OK, it's still February, even here in my alternate universe. So tomorrow will be March. Daylight Savings Time is coming. Just watch me get up an hour earlier than I need to (or will that be sleep an hour later than I should have?)

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YarnThrower said...

So glad to hear of others making the same "D'ohs" that I make!

We'll help you out when we get to Daylight Savings Time... :-)