Monday, February 11, 2008


Since magnusmog was kind enough to ask, here's a picture of my new necklace.

Pretty, huh? According to the hand out, turquoise is good for your chakras, provides protection and dissipates negativity. I don't know how seriously I take any of that; but hey it can't hurt. And I really like the setting, which reminds me of Hathor cow horns.

Did I say something about not wanting my headband to slide down around my neck? Turns out that buttoned just a bit differently it makes a very cozy little neck wrap.

It curves snugly up around the back of my neck - but there is just no way I am even going to attempt a back of the neck shot on myself.


YarnThrower said...

When it is around your neck like that, it almost looks like an animal (a short snake?) with bright eyes! Cute (and functional) headband, and certainly useful this winter!

Cindy G said...

Oh my gosh, it does!

magnusmog said...

Hurray - it's gorgeous!