Sunday, February 10, 2008

Famous or not?

Is this the work of a famous or an unknown artist?

There's a fun quiz asking that question about this and other paintings. (I got 75%).


Our Chicago trip was called off due to a combination of ominous weather forcasts and the fact that the folks we were planning to meet couldn't make it. So we went to Madison for errands and Christmas shopping instead. I had a gift certificate to redeem at Shakti (one of my gifts from Mr S). I picked out a turquoise pendant and silver chain. I've been wanting a turquoise for ever so long, and I like this one very much. Mr S had a new recliner to select (his gift from me). I could wear my gift home, but he's going to have to wait for delivery. We had lunch at the Mediterranean Cafe on State Street, a little hole in the wall with great food. Greek salad, falafel, hummus, pita, Yum! Snow was just starting to fall as we left the city, and thickened fast. For a few miles mid-trip the snow and wind combined for a near white out. A little scary, but fortunately it didn't last. Despite the shorter than Chicago drive, I nearly finished my car-knitting-headband.

Got the last bit done this morning. Why do I hate sewing on buttons? It's such a simple operation, really, but it always feels intimidating before I begin.

another lovely mirror shot

As anticipated, it is a nice thick sort of cushy fabric and should be warm, though I haven't braved the 8 below (F) temps this morning to actually go outside and see.


Elizabeth said...

I got 92% on the art quiz. My impression was that the ones by people not known as artists tended to lack the personality of the famous artist paintings. Does that make sense? The ones by famous artists tend to have a more recognizable style, whereas the others, though technically skilled, didn't necessarily have a real style.

Anonymous said...

BA in art history here. I got 83%, missed the Cezanne and the Renoir. The Cezanne was a 50-50 bet in my mind. The Renoir I chuckled over when I read the answer; to my mind, Renoir is sickeningly sweet and sentimental, not deserving of any fame at all, so, really, I was right to click a "Unknown", right?

Leslie said...

I'll take the quiz later so I can wallow in embarassment alone. But the colors on your headband are quite nice. My favorite coats have attached hoods so I don't loose anything; sometimes I am worse than a kid.

magnusmog said...

Nice headband number two - can we see a picture of the necklace too?

Cindy G said...

I kind of went on "style", too. The only reason I got the Renoir right is that I thought it was a Monet. On the other hand, I gave too much credit to a couple of the "unknowns".

Necklace pic coming in next post.