Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Faux-caccia or I Might Have Known Better

I may have mentioned that I'm not much of a cook. So I won't surprise anyone that I haven't made bread from scratch in about 20 years. I miss good bread, though. The selection at the little grocery in town is limited to mass produced Wonder Bread equivalent.

They do however, carry frozen bread dough, and on a whim I picked some up, pre-shaped for dinner rolls. I baked up a few on Tuesday. They were a little on the fluffy side, but not too bad.

Yesterday, I decided to experiment. Could I fake foccaccia with this? Instead of spraying the pan with cooking spray, per the package directions, I poured in some olive oil, and poured a little more over the tops for good measure.

When the dough had almost doubled, I poked each little roll down, then flipped them over and mashed them down some more.

Unsurprisingly, I didn't happen to have any Rosemary (fresh or otherwise) in the house. So I sprinkled the top with these:

The Lemon Pepper also has salt, garlic and onion in it. Then I thought "what the heck" and sprinkled on some poppy seeds, too.

I have to report that the end result was nothing like focaccia. What we have here are slightly flattened, seasoned dinner rolls. What's that about not making silk purses? Oh well. They're edible.


YarnThrower said...

I commend your effort, none-the-less... I guess when it is difficult for a person to follow knitting directions verbatim, it might also mean that that person would take liberties to try new things in the kitchen, too! And hey, they're edible! (Mine would have ended up accidentally burnt.....)

Anonymous said...

I bet they were darned tasty. Next time throw on some garlic powder or minced garlic or brush the tops with garlic-infused olive oil. Mmmm, garlic...

Sandra said...

try using pizza dough for foccacia - it has a different yeast-flour ratio and works much better. I make mine in my bread machine, but you can buy pizza dough in almost any grocery store.

junior_goddess said...

I saw that you have Penzey's in your house. You probably live closer to the Penzey's mothership that I do-but I sent some to DD. She was over the moon-LOVED them. Use them, they make people THINK you can cook.

Go to your library and check out a copy of Cook's illustrated OR any of their cookbooks. Really.