Monday, October 30, 2006

Winging It

Sometimes I just want to pick up my needles and start, without swatching, without calculating, without even a completely clear idea of what I might end up with. This approach has it's risks, of course, but I'm willing to take them on.

So I started a wool hat at the top and worked my way down. When I finished it was just a little too big, and just a little too loosely knit. So naturally I felted it.

Also naturally, it is now just a little too small for my big ol' head. The good thing about hats, though, is that you can almost always find a head to fit one.


Jeri said...

I tried to go to your website but got that exceeded message. :(

Cindy G said...

Oh bummer! I added a big picture of the fichu, and that seems to have stressed out the file transfer rate. I'll have to go and try to whittle things down. Thanks for trying!

kmkat said...

Very pretty (and warm-looking) hat! You can always donate it to the Dulaan Project ( or some such.

Cindy G said...

Dulaan is very good, I like afghans for Afghans, too.