Monday, October 02, 2006

Home Stretch

I've finished the outside edging on the Progressive Shawl, and now I'm working my way across the top.

This is going pretty quickly because it's a very narrow edge. I just wanted a little something to visually tie the different sections of the shawl together.

I'm not quite sure about where to block it. I have to block in a room that can be closed off, on account of the cats. Both of them like to sit on wet wool, but an even more serious concern is Baxter's obsession with pulling out pins. I have no idea why, but he takes them between his teeth and pulls them out. Pearl headed, T pins, it doesn't matter, he pulls them out. And while I haven't yet seen him try to eat one, this doesn't seem like a particularly safe form of amusement.

So blocking is best done behind closed doors. The sunroom is good for smaller objects because it's carpeted, all I have to do is lay a clean sheet on the floor. But the available floor space there isn't big enough. The bed is big enough, and would be my first choice if the project were lace weight. But I'm not sure this fingering/sport weight yarn will dry in the course of a day, which could make sleeping inconvenient. Maybe if I set up fans... The floor in what I still think of as Abbie's room, even though she has her own apartment now, would be ideal except that it's hardwood. Maybe it's time for me to get ahold of some foam core boards that I could use in there. I'm headed to Madison tomorrow. I just might add a stop at Home Depot to my list.

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CatBookMom said...

Fans help tremendously in speeding up the drying process. And the stiff foam insulation sheets work really well too. Our bed sits on the drawer unit from my old, old waterbed, so we can't shove the foam under there, but YMMV (your mileage may vary), lol!