Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A gray and rainy morning, you can't see it in the picture, but there is a steady drizzle in the back yard.

Gato, who is usually Miss "I want to go out now" decided it was a good morning to sleep in.

Baxter followed me out, but immediately began protesting that he wanted to go in.

The first seed catalog arrived today, Thompson and Morgan. I haven't ordered from them in years, but it keeps coming. Unlike a lot of other "junk" mail, this one is welcome. Great bedtime reading/browsing. It is, however, frustrating to look at their lovely varieties of Papaver somniferum only to be informed that these are not available to the U.S. Apparently, to the governmental powers that be, my growing some in the yard would be a threat eqivalent to an Afghan warlord.

Finished the Icelandic wool version of the Madison Scarf and put the listing up on eBay.

Future compost

It's a good day for a pot roast, so that's whats in the crock pot now.


CatBookMom said...

You want to grow opium poppies because why? There's a house across the street from our senior center that grows a variety of poppies that are 4ft tall. Beautiful flowers! But I don't think they are 'papaver somniferum'.

Do you grow lisianthus? I don't have much luck with any sort of annual, but these are so lovely in bouquets, and the colors are really vivid.

Cindy G said...

Well, mostly because there are some truly gorgeous cultivars, but partly because I can be a contrary cuss who wants something just because she can't have it... After browsing the catalog, though, I see that T&M has dropped the offering altogether.

I've never grown lisiantus; somehow I got it in my head that they are "difficult". Mostly I stick with old reliables like zinnias, larkspur, nasturtiums and as many Shirley poppies as possible.