Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Here are four scarf patterns that would be perfect for "first lace" projects. The patterns are available individually, but with this collection you can get them for half of what it would cost buying one at a time. All patterns have both line by line directions and charts for the patterns stitches.

The "Madison Scarf" (lower right), worked in worsted weight yarn, is the easiest of all, with a very basic four row pattern repeat. It can be made long and straight, or shorter with a ribbed center section to fit under a coat.

The sample for "Simplicity" (top right) is done in fingering weight, though sport weight could also be used for a larger scarf. It's based on the Little Leaf Stripe pattern from Barbara Walker.

The "Dazed and Confused Zig Zag Lace Scarf" (lower left) first appeared in the 2008 Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar. The pattern has directions for both fingering weight yarn, as shown, and sport weight.

"Simple Lace Scarf" (top left) is made with fingering weight. The borders at each end are worked in an extremely simple Shetland pattern called Razor Shell. In the center, one repeat of Razor Shell continues along each edge with and eyelet diamond on stockinette filling the middle.

All four patterns are now contained in one pdf file for $5.50.

Note that you will need to have Adobe Reader installed to open the file after purchase.

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